Hi, my name is Marina Rolbin and in my health and wellness coaching practice I am guiding clients to make gradual and lasting lifestyle changes to reach a better state of well-being.  I help clients to become more aware of themselves and their bodies and bring more joy and happiness into their lives. 

I received my training at the Maryland University of Integrative Health where I completed Master’s Degree in Health and Wellness Coaching with the concentration in nutrition. I truly believe that food can be medicine,  therefore eating whole unprocessed foods as well as practicing mindfulness techniques can bring significant improvements to the person’s life.

After having a successful career of almost 20 years in the financial field and raising a son on my own, I've decided to take on a new path of helping people.  It all began when I went through my own health crisis and was diagnosed with the low thyroid function and eventually with an autoimmune disease that contributed to it. 

After struggling for about 4 years going from one doctor to another with no improvement I discovered holistic medicine and experienced myself how changing your diet, managing your stress and taking better care of yourself can affect the way you feel.  I was able to get my life back.  I strongly felt that I needed to share with others how to take control of their health and got enrolled into a program to become a health coach.  

It’s been a wonderful journey of self-discovery and personal growth, and I am very grateful for all the experiences I've had so far. I've been a long time practitioner of yoga and meditation which changed my view on life and made me more compassionate towards myself and others.  My interests include cooking, dancing, hiking, traveling and spending time with my family and friends.