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Meet Marina

Health Coach and Functional Medicine Practitioner

I know how it feels to struggle with fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, weight gain while working fulltime at a busy job in finance and raising a son as a single mom.  In 2008 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was put on meds which helped at first but my symptoms did not go away.  It took me about 6 years to finally get diagnosed with Hashimoto’s which is an autoimmune condition. Unfortunately the conventional medicine was not providing much relief, I kept seeing the specialists looking for the answers, I wanted to know why my immune system decided to attack my thyroid  and my doctor would just shrug her shoulders.  That pushed me to get educated as much as I could on my own and then work with an integrative physician.  I felt so much better that I had energy to enroll into the Master’s program in Health and Wellness Coaching at MUIH (I was almost 50 then) and later in 2019 I continued my studies at the School of Applied Functional Medicine.  My Hashimoto’s is now in complete remission and I found my new calling to help others. 

Each client is unique, and this is why there is no one size fits all protocol.  When we dig deeper using functional medicine approach, we look at a body as a whole and not as a collection of separate parts because everything is interconnected.  

When working with me we will go over your health history and the symptoms you are experiencing and I will educate you on the interconnectedness between your lifestyle choices, possible nutrient deficiencies and imbalances.  We'll come up with a plan that can fit in your current lifestyle, and I will guide you step by step to peel the onion of the root causes of your issues and to optimize your health and vitality.  I can also provide you with the helpful information on the labs and high-quality supplement choices.

You have the power to take your health back!  Let’s get started! 

Photo of Marina Rolbin
Group workshops

Presentations and Workshops

Colibri Wellness offers presentations and workshops on a variety of topics for companies and organizations to inform and empower their employees to make small steps towards their better health.


Research shows that corporate wellness programs improve performance and productivity, help employees better deal with stress, reduce sick leaves and supports positive work environment and employee retention.  All presentations can be customized to the specific audience.

Possible topics include:

  • Support Immune System Naturally

  • Food and Mood

  • Reducing Inflammation

  • Improve Energy and Performance

  • Metabolism and Weight Loss

  • Stress Management Techniques


Happier employees means more productive companies which directly increases the bottom line.   Please contact to schedule a presentation.

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